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6 Weeks of Dinner. You’re Welcome.

Over the last few weeks I have been compiling lists of some of my favorite recipes. Not only have I made a list for you, but I have compiled them into weekly meal plans that come with access to the recipe and list of ingredients you can copy and paste into a shopping list! Oh and all the meals have ingredients that can be found at my favorite money saving store, Aldi!

A Few Notes On How I Meal Plan
I shop for two of us and you might look at my meal plans and be like how can two people possibly consume that much food? I’m not really sure. We do eat more than the typical human should but I also upped the weekly dinners by one. I typically only make 3 dinners throughout the week and we eat the left overs for both lunch and dinner. So really what I have on my meal plans is lunch and dinner for us but it may be more of a just dinner situation for you, depending on how many people are in your family.¬† These meal plans don’t account for breakfast or snacks. I usually buy the same things for snacks so it’s just routine to pick them up they don’t even go on the list anymore.

A Few Notes On Budget
In terms of budget I never spend more than $100 at Aldi. This includes 3-4 dinners, snacks, some breakfast items, and the staple items I always keep on hand (bread, eggs, milk, cheese, yes cheese is a staple in our house). Now the meal plan as it is is probably around or over $100 but this is because I listed every single ingredient. Most of you will have many of the spices and seasonings in your pantry already. So if you go into an Aldi, armed with one of my meal plans, you will make it out with 4 dinners for under $100. I’m betting you would make it out for under $75.

A Few Notes On How To Use The Meal Plans
I’m a little bit picky about eating the same thing over and over again so you will find a variety of recipes in each week. You will never eat only chicken all week. The meals can also be interchanged. Perhaps you really love eating chicken all week, copy and paste your favorite chicken recipes from the six weeks that I’m giving you and make your own weekly meal plan.

A Few Notes on Nutrition
I’m a pretty healthy eater but every once in a while you’ll see that I fly off the rails, I’m looking at you Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole. I live my life in balance meaning most of the meals will be pretty legit in terms of nutrition, but there are a couple recipes that are carbs covered in cheese. Sorry not sorry.

Last thing, where are these meal plans? They are in my printables library. You can get access to it by going here.


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