about me

About Me

Welcome! You are most likely asking yourself “what the heck is an unadorned equestrian and why am I even here?” Well, I’m not sure why you’re here but I’m so glad you are! An unadorned equestrian is someone who loves everything horsey and also has a love for simple, easy, to the point, get to it, no non-sense, stuff. I’m a full time graduate student, school counseling intern, cat mom, a horse mom, and dedicated girlfriend. I have expensive taste and a literal non-existent paycheck. I don’t have time for, well, anything. So this blog is for everyone that could use an extra 5 hours added to the day. I’m hoping here you will find answers to living easier. Recipes, DIY projects, mindfulness, my favorite products, life hacks, budgeting, and all things equestrian. I know, how does an equestrian even have a budget? Stay tuned and I’ll tell you.