Bag Lady

I’m a bag lady from way back. And I’m pretty sure this is a genetic thing. When I went to visit my parents over Christmas we all needed smaller bags to pack for a trip up to the mountains. I kid you not they were pulling reusable totes, from inside pouches, from inside bags, from inside suit cases. It was crazy and I suddenly realized that I never had a chance to not be a bag lady.

So I guess I have a lot of bags but I didn’t have a bag that was perfect for the barn. I mean most likely I did have this bag but in my bag lady mind I needed to purchase another bag. I was searching high and low for a semi reasonably priced backpack that was semi meant for equestrians and poof I landed on this adorable Lettia backpack to hold all my goodies. So what does a cat lady, horse lady, bag lady keep in her bag? You’re about to find out.

One K Defender Helmet
I love this helmet! The liner snaps in and out so you can wash it which is perfect for my excessively sweaty head.

Helmet Refresh Spray
Again perfect for my excessively sweaty head. This is a new product in the shop and I’m rather obsessed with using it! Go check it out Unadorned Equine Apothecary.

Plum Roeckl Gloves
Couldn’t live without my Roeckl gloves and these one are in a bomb color.

Dreamers & Schemers Boot Sock
I have nice collection of these socks now and I always keep a pair with me!

Treats for Me & The Horse
I always keep the soft puffy dinner mints on me as my mare prefers them to the hard ones. Princess. And I just got the cutest llama cookies from Junie & Jax Novelty Horse Treats so those are currently in my bag too. For me I usually have an Rx or granola bar on hand because who doesn’t love the joy of peeling a half melted granola bar from it’s wrapper when you’re covered in horse hair.

Infused Equestrian Rollers
These are awesome! I got The In Gate because I often feel like I go through life with the same anxiousness and panic as I feel at an in gate and I got Oh My Girth because, again, I tend to live my life by eating food that closely resembles horse show food. McDonald’s apple pies where you at?
*Disclaimer* I do typically eat healthy but when I come off the tracks it’s trips to Coldstone and Culvers all day. My body then has no idea what I’m trying to do and enter Oh My Girth roller.

So that my friends is what a bag lady keeps in her bag. Maybe if you stay tuned you can learn about what I keep in my 5 other bags I leave the house with every morning at 6 am.

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