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    3 Ways To Save Money

    This one’s got something for you non-horsey people. I never realized what it was like to pay for groceries until I was buying groceries for me and my boyfriend. Somehow in college it was not difficult to buy groceries for $25-30 per week. But when I moved out, groceries were costing more than my Xfinity bill, which is saying a lot because they love to rip you off. I’m going to give you a few tips to saving those dolla dolla bills so you can spend them on the good stuff, like horses or traveling. I think traveling is what normal people spend their money on. Right? Disclosure: Some of…

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    DIY Cash Envelopes

    I’ve been wanting to share this one for a while because I’ve had so many people comment on my envelopes while I’m checking out at stores. The hella cute cash envelope tutorial is here! I decided to make these when I first started budgeting. While you can use regular envelopes for a cash system, making these cute little guys made saving money and sticking with a budget more fun. They slide right into most wallets and will surely keep you organized and on track with your spending. What you will need: pen or pencil scissors double sided tape or double sided adhesive runner scrap book paper envelope template labels (optional)