DIY Fall Wreath

    I’ll admit it I was the person in the dorm that had a wreath on their door for every holiday. I love em’ and I’m pretty sure I inherited this gene from my mother. The woman can make a bomb wreath and can arrange a center piece like a boss. Perhaps this is an indicator that my love for seasonal wreaths is not innate but instead just because I spent a good part of my childhood in the floral department of craft stores. I refuse to buy already assembled wreaths. They are usually upwards of $25 and I don’t have a section of my budget that is devoted to home…

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    DIY All Natural Makeup Remover

    I’ll be honest. I used to always sleep with my makeup on, like until this year. I made a New Year’s resolution to put better products on my face and my skin, and now most of what I use is free of toxic chemicals and dangerous ingredients. Now with that being said I am by no means living a lifestyle that is 100% organic, crunchy, natural, or green. But I do my best and purchase organic when it matters to me. As I’ve said before, this whole blog is dedicated to sharing with you how to make life easier with little time and little money. Committing to a green lifestyle…

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    DIY Cash Envelopes

    I’ve been wanting to share this one for a while because I’ve had so many people comment on my envelopes while I’m checking out at stores. The hella cute cash envelope tutorial is here! I decided to make these when I first started budgeting. While you can use regular envelopes for a cash system, making these cute little guys made saving money and sticking with a budget more fun. They slide right into most wallets and will surely keep you organized and on track with your spending. What you will need: pen or pencil scissors double sided tape or double sided adhesive runner scrap book paper envelope template labels (optional)