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Cavali Club

I’m a sucker for a good subscription box but it needs to be really phenomenal for me to actually drop the money and subscribe. I’ve been a member of FabFitFun for a year and its been a magical experience as far as receiving normal everyday people items is concerned. But Cavali Club is really something else. I’ve talked about Cavali Club in my holiday gift guide and if you didn’t read that, bummer, but I’ll recap.  I stumbled across this subscription box in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep because I got 99 problems but finding things to buy online ain’t one. I saw what was in the winter box and immediately knew that I needed this box and all it’s contents in my life like yesterday. So I signed up.

When you sign up you can choose an annual membership or quarterly membership. The annual subscription is $199.80 billed once and the quarterly subscription is $54.99 billed each season. Once you pick your subscription you answer a couple of questions and then get to choose if you want add-ons. I of course did add-ons because I’m extra.

Let’s get into what you are all probably wondering. What was in the box?

I first have to preface this by saying that when I opened my mailbox, I really was hoping it was a rather important medication for my horse that she had been without for a week due to USPS shipping errors, but it was even better than a medication that keeps my horse’s levels stable and functioning. It was a Cavali Club box! I ran inside with it and began my unboxing ceremony.

My add-ons

The add-ons that I picked were the Dreamers and Schemers Donut Disturb boot socks and the Bibimbap Lip Treatment. I’ve already had an obsession with Dreamers and Schemers boot socks so adding those to my box was not even a question. They have the best prints!

I also went with the lip treatment for a few reasons. I had heard really great things about Bibimbap Skincare and every girl needs a little lip treatment in her life. Also, the ingredients are incredible. If you know me and what I do in my Unadorned Equine Apothecary you know I’m a little crazy about quality non-toxic ingredients and Bibimbap does this in incredible ways. As a side note I’ve been using the lip treatment for a few days and it’s an awesome little tube of goodness.

The Box

The box comes with coupon codes for almost every brand that is in the box, all for 10-15% off, which is awesome because I can see myself ordering from most of these companies. There is also a product guide that tells you about each item and it’s printed on the best feeling paper (I know, I’m weird, but these things matter!) You can tell a lot of thought went into the branding and that makes me feel like a lot of thought went into how the products were picked. It looks luxury, the items are luxury, and it makes me feel luxury.

Hunt Seat Paper Co. Stationary

I grew up writing thank you cards for anything that anyone ever did with me and I still do it today. I’ve been obsessed with all things stationary and office supply related for a long time now and these are really adorable. I love the bit pattern that is printed on the back, super chic, and it comes with STICKERS to seal the envelopes. It can’t get any better.

Society Wit Nail Polish

I’ve had the box for 3 days, have already painted my nails, and ordered an additional colors. Kay. Again, here I go on an another ingredients rant. I love getting a nice no chip manicure but I hate the chemicals and the potential for cancer from the drying process. For those reasons, and the fact that I never have any money, I stopped getting manicures and for the most part stopped painting my nails. Society Wit polishes are 10-free, meaning they exclude the 10 most toxic ingredients found in nail polish. If you are curious about that google it, but some of the ingredients that they exclude are formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and camphor. I love the ingredients. I love the colors. I love that they have an equestrian inspired line. I love the wear-ability. They have survived an outing to the barn and two days of work, which maybe I’m just clumsy with my hands but unless I have a no chip, my nail polish was not lasting long if I took a trip to the barn.


HorseGloss Watch

This thing is gorgeous. I have an apple watch which is not the fanciest so I can see myself wearing this classy time piece for a night out. Also it’s a real leather band, I smelled it just to check, and mine has beautiful rose gold trim. If you read my holiday gift guide you know I got heart eyes for anything rose gold so this was another winner in the box!

Grey Horse Candle

I’ll skip the ingredients rant and just say I approve. I’m picky about candle ingredients also because we are breathing in whatever the candle gives off. I was given a Grey Horse candle as a gift a few years ago. I absolutely loved it so much that it burned it right down to the bottom but didn’t want to throw away the container. Literally still have it so I’m very excited to have a new one. This one is fresh cut hay scented and it smells like…fresh cut hay. I know my boyfriend would not agree but there is something comforting about horse smells in the house and fresh cut hay is one of the least offensive smells I can bring home with me.

Equine Snax Horse Muffins

I’m glad a read the brochure because I for sure thought this was a brownie bite when I opened the box and I wanted to eat it myself. I refrained because I had read earlier (in that nice feeling brochure) that it was for my horse to eat and not me. But seriously they are the cutest!! I’m hoping my mare eats them. She hasn’t trusted a muffin for years. We went through months of trying to get her to take her meds via cookies and muffins and she has never forgiven me. If she doesn’t eat it, I’ll give it a try and let you know. Totally kidding. One of the nice geldings at my barn will get to enjoy their goodness if she can’t put her ego aside for the cutest horse muffins ever!

Sport Horse Essentials Coat Spray

Again the ingredients! They are incredible. I’ll admit I’ve always wanted to try SHE products but have never made a purchase so I’m glad this was included in the box. This stuff smells so dang good I can’t wait to get it on my mare. Who doesn’t want a natural product that brings dirt to the surface for easier grooming?

Botori Hat

I love a good pom pom beanie. This one is awesome! It is the perfect shape (not too floppy, not too stiff) and I love the bright red color. I’ve already worn mine out to the barn and it kept my head plenty toasty. This hat is for sure one that I will keep in my traveling barn bag. Also Botori has some adorable sweatshirts that I didn’t even know about so explore their site.

Overall I am more than impressed with Cavali Club. There isn’t an item in the box that I won’t use and there isn’t a company in the box that I won’t explore further. It is filled with quality items that were thoughtfully curated with the equestrian in mind and that is something that I so appreciate. Often times our sport is forgotten and there are so many companies and brands out there are that working to serve equestrians but we just don’t know about them. If you are interested in getting a Cavali Club box and want to earn $10 towards your Cavali Club account, click here!

Cavali Club is doing exactly what it says and connecting us to high quality products for the equestrian lifestyle. Also sending us the best gift you could ever ask for, four times a year. Well done Cavali Club, you have my heart and credit card number forever ♥

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