DIY All Natural Makeup Remover

I’ll be honest. I used to always sleep with my makeup on, like until this year. I made a New Year’s resolution to put better products on my face and my skin, and now most of what I use is free of toxic chemicals and dangerous ingredients. Now with that being said I am by no means living a lifestyle that is 100% organic, crunchy, natural, or green. But I do my best and purchase organic when it matters to me. As I’ve said before, this whole blog is dedicated to sharing with you how to make life easier with little time and little money. Committing to a green lifestyle is work and has the potential to be more expesive. The products we purchase are preferences and if you are dedicated to a 100% green lifestyle, I support you. If you aren’t, I support you. But I’m here to share what has made my life easier.

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When I first started reading about coconut oil as a makeup remover I thought there is no way am I going to slather my face with the same oil I use to make stir fry. But I did my thing and I researched it. I read reviews and blogs and found that coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, as well as high amounts of vitamin E. Unfortunately, when most coconut oils are processed they are generally expellar pressed and the heat from this process can cause depletion of those really great properties I listed earlier.

So what did I do? I found a boutique brand that extracted coconut oil by a non-heat method. Specifically, I bought a 3 oz. tub of coconut oil and it cost $18. Don’t do that. Now, don’t get me wrong I really loved this oil. It was great. It did great things when I had a bad allergic reaction to another product, it put moisture into my skin on driest winter days, and it removed waterproof makeup like a boss. But then I ran out. I had no time to wait for it to come in the mail and I had no money to actually make the purchase so I did the next best thing. I went to Whole Foods.

I have mixed emotions about Whole Foods but I figured this was my best bet to find something similar. And then I realized that the something similar I was looking for was in the cooking oil section, labeled coconut oil. I bought unrefined expellar pressed coconut oil. The one that I bought is linked here.  Now I’m not a cosmetologist or a coconut expert but I’m here to tell you the cooking oil has done the same thing to my face as the cosmetic oil. It’s your skin so you make this call but this stuff is great at removing even the most stubborn makeup. Horse show ladies, I’m looking at you. It will melt a full face of horse show makeup right off.  Below I’ve outlined what I do to turn traditional coconut oil into a functional makeup remover. It’s so easy and maybe a 3 minute process.

I saved the container that my fancy coconut oil came in (because I might be a hoarder) and essentially refill it with my coconut oil I bought from Whole Foods. The first time I did this it was messy. It got all over the side of the container and my fingers and then it leaked on the shelf. Below are instructions for what I do now to make it a little easier and much tidier.




I scoop out two or three spoonfuls of oil into a pot. I warm it on medium-low until it’s liquid. Then I pour it into my container and let it harden back up.




That’s it! It’s that easy. My suggestion to you if you do this, is to use a 4 oz.  mason jar or similar container.

To use it as makeup remover, just take a cotton round, scoop a tiny bit of coconut oil onto the cotton round and rub it over your eyes and face. After, I use a damp wash cloth to wipe away what is left. If you want you can cleanse and then follow your normal skin care routine directly after or don’t. I sometimes cleanse, sometimes don’t. I just do what I feel is best for my skin…but what I mean here is I do what I have time for.

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DIY All Natural Makeup Remover. Learn to make your own.

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