DIY Fall Wreath

I’ll admit it I was the person in the dorm that had a wreath on their door for every holiday. I love em’ and I’m pretty sure I inherited this gene from my mother. The woman can make a bomb wreath and can arrange a center piece like a boss. Perhaps this is an indicator that my love for seasonal wreaths is not innate but instead just because I spent a good part of my childhood in the floral department of craft stores.

I refuse to buy already assembled wreaths. They are usually upwards of $25 and I don’t have a section of my budget that is devoted to home decor. Let’s be real, if I have extra cash I’m buying shoes or getting my horse a Magna Wave treatment. So I’m going to throw down my formula to making ultra fancy budget friendly wreaths. Think Pottery Barn but Goodwill prices.

If you can use a hot glue gun you can make your own wreath. Besides a good pair of scissors, a hot glue gun is the only tool I use. Floral wire or floral tape might be helpful but it is certainly not a necessity. The first thing you want to do it pick out your base. For this project I picked out a rose gold pumpkin wire form. I needed to have this simply because it was rose gold. There was absolutely no other option for me to consider, but for you, you might want to look at the other options. Evergreen, grapevine, plain circle, whatever floats your boat.

After you pick out the base, you want to pick a color scheme and establish a comfortable work space in the aisle. I tend to set up shop here for at least a half hour. Don’t worry, if you look around everyone in the floral department is doing this. Lay out the base and start picking colors. See what shades and tones work well together. I went with cream, mauve, and paprika for my project but this is open for you to decide. Also be sure you are looking at prices. Some fake flowers are extremely pricey so make sure you are trying to get things that are on sale or in the $1-3 range. Another tip is to pick things in threes or at least odd numbers. I don’t know why this is but if you are grouping things, it generally looks better when they are in threes. Lastly, use coupons! I can’t think of a craft store that doesn’t send out coupons or have an app where you can download them. It’s one of the easiest ways to save a few dollars. I got all my materials for this project at JoAnn’s for $13.71.

Now the fun part! Making your wreath. I don’t really have a formal technique for assembling the wreath. I generally lay it out first and try placing things in different areas to see what looks best, basically what you were doing when you set up shop in aisle 13. After I have everything where I want it, I begin shoving and stuffing the stems into the wreath. In this case I just did a bunch of wrapping. I took my stems and wrapped them around the pumpkin form. For a grapevine or evergreen wreath you should be able to stuff the stems and “weave” them into the existing wreath form. After shoving, stuffing, and wrapping, throw an excessive amount of hot glue on it. I use ALL the glue. You literally cannot put too much hot glue on this, especially if it’s going on a door that receives heavy traffic or if your family is full of door slammers. Making your own wreath is a super simple and an affordable way to make it look like you have time to notice the changing seasons.

My super technical wrapping technique.
The finished product!

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