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Green Grooming Movement

Barn essentials? We all got em. Last year a made a switch to mostly green health and beauty items and I dragged my horse along with me because that’s the kind of mom that I am.

As I dragged my horse along in the pursuit of green beauty I had a huge realization that the horse industry lacked in “natural” and “green” grooming products. So I did a thing and created my own line of green grooming products and a shop called the Unadorned Equine Apothecary.

Now I am a little biased because I make really bomb products but because I do a lot of self reflection I can also admit there are products that my line lacks. So to be 100% transparent, I supplement my really awesome product line with other people’s really awesome product lines. Below are my favorites to date!

The Infused Equestrian
pedi and swat

I highlighted the essential oil rollers from The Infused Equestrian in my last post Bag Lady so it’s no surprise I would include them here. I received pedi, a conditioning hoof oil, in my Cavali Club spring box and I immediately fell in love.

I’m obsessed with oil based products. I used to think oil was bad, made us greasy, made us break out, but it’s really quite the opposite. I now cleanse my own face with a cleansing oil instead of a sudsy soap and it’s made all the different in balancing my skin. Oil based products are also shelf stable on their own, no preservatives are needed which I love. I’ve translated this oil based product love right over to my grooming products.

pedi hoof conditioner

Pedi is made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and has ingredients that promote hoof health. My girl has always had really healthy feet but I love that these ingredients are pure, natural, anti-fungal, conditioning, just an overall hoof healthy formula.

swat fly spray

I also want to give a little shout out to their product swat, a fly spray. Fly season is upon us and I look forward to using it. Can’t speak to how it works but the ingredients look bomb, it smells delicious, and most importantly it is SAFE!

Side note: If you don’t know about Cavali Club…go know about Cavali Club. Carly is always on the hunt for green grooming products and places them in every box. You can get $10 towards your box right here!

Myst Equine Products
Liniment Bombs
Myst Liniment Bomb

Yep, another item discovered because of the Cavali Club box. This product is awesome on so many levels. Essentially it is a bath bomb but for our equine pals. So now you can share the joy and experience of a bath bomb with your horse.

This little liniment bomb is packed with ingredients that help with blood flow, inflammation, and muscle soreness. It is so easy to use. You fill a bucket with about a gallon of water, let the bomb dissolve, sponge and scrape your horse like normal. Also the pouch it come in is adorable and representative of what is inside, which is a magical, one of a kind, innovative, green grooming product.

Sport Horse Essentials
Coat Spray
Comes with a spray attachment as well!

Another one of my favorites is the Coat Spray from Sport Horse Essentials (SHE). SHE was one of the times that I saw green grooming products, so to me, they are pioneers. Again, I got this product in the Cavali Club box and it is awesome! I’m especially loving it right now because she is shedding and a little extra dirty after a long winter. The ingredients in Coat Spray have antibacterial properties that help maintain a healthy coat all year round and the oils help draw dirt to the surface. It’s perfect. A product that does all the work for you!

Unadorned Equine Apothecary
Mane Serum and Booty Balm

I’m going to try and write this without being biased because it is my line but it’s also my baby. Realistically, sometimes you can’t help but extensively talk about your own child. My brand was born when I couldn’t find products that worked for my mares unique skin needs.

Booty Balm

I developed Booty Balm after a weekend of braiding and tail washing. My mare had dry, flaky, itchy, sensitive skin all over her tail bone. It was on the underside, on the scalp, everywhere so Booty Balm was born and I now use it pretty much every time I go to the barn. It has protective properties from beeswax that keep bad stuff off the skin and good stuff in the skin. It’s perfect for dry skin in sensitive areas or any areas that have been rubbed. TBH if her skin looks weird I just put a dab of Booty Balm on it.

Mane Serum

Mane Serum was developed for a similar purpose, dry, flaky skin. It is formulated with “dry oils” which are hydrating but absorb quickly and easily into the hair shaft so that there isn’t an oily residue left behind. It’s perfect for treating dry thirsty manes or adding a healthy shine to already luscious manes and tails.

The line is really representative of using botanically based ingredients that are natural solutions to common skin ailments. And the products work pretty darn well if I do say so myself.

Sterling Essentials
Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner
Cleaner and Conditioner

Now this isn’t necessarily a grooming product. It’s for cleaning tack but I included it for a few reasons:
1. You basically soak your hands in tack cleaner when your cleaning, so why not make it safe?
2. This stuff cleans tack like nobody’s business.
3. The lavender scent is awesome.
4. Excellent customer service. I had an incident that was totally the fault of the post office and they graciously replaced the items for me. It was wonderful and I will for sure be a repeat customer.

I have my eye on a few more product that are in the green grooming space that I can’t wait to try.

What are your favorite green grooming products? I want to try them!

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