Helmet Hair Don’t Care

Okay lets take a moment to talk about that giant thing on top of my head. I have a few different hairstyles, all very similar, that scream one of the following scenarios: “I’ve been at the barn”, “I didn’t wash my hair”, or “helmet hair don’t care’. Now, I’ve been throwing my hair up on top of head like a pineapple for years, and plan on continuing this, but I found a few accessories that are especially perfect for combating helmet hair. I pair a messy bun with either of the headbands below to minimize the appearance of helmet hair and find that I can even go out in public after a trip to the barn.

Boho Bandeau

I love my Boho Bandeau (pictured above). It’s made of a lightweight cotton spandex material and can be worn in multiple ways. You can actually wear this as a shirt. I’m unsure how I feel about wearing something the size of a headband as a top but if that’s the life you live, go girl. You do you. It does come in two sizes, full or half. Mine is the full size, which just gives you more options in terms of the way you wear it. I love all the patterns. Each one has a super boho vibe and look that I adore. I bought mine at a boutique in Boise, I know a long way from Chicago, but you can find your perfect print and style here.


I first saw SugarSky on an ABC7 Valentine’s Day gift ideas segment. I was intrigued and went to the website and immediately fell in love with the products and the brand. You can tell when a founder has poured their whole heart and soul into a brand and that’s how I feel about SugarSky. You can tell that she wholeheartedly believes in what she makes and wants the products to work for her customers. These headbands are everything that a headband should be. The material is a soft spandex and the patterns are adorable. Each headband can be worn in at least 4 different ways and they are moisture wicking, which is perfect for sweaty barn hair. Check out SugarSky here and buy yo self a headband!

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