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A few weeks ago I announced the launch date for my new shop. If you missed it…surprise! I’m opening a shop on November 16th. You should go get your coupon code for launch day here at the Unadorned Equine Apothecary. Anyway I thought I’d let all you guys know more information with a little Q&A. I’ve gotten lots of questions and I’m going to lay it all out here for you.

Q: What exactly are you doing?

A: I know, thus far I’ve posted a lot of pictures and videos on social media that have little to no detail of what I’m actually trying to sell and do. I promise this is somewhat on purpose, but let me explain exactly what’s going on here. My mare has some weird skin issues. I’m not really sure if it’s related to her Cushings or medication or if she just genetically has ridiculously dry skin, but she is a dry, flaky, itchy girl. We actually share similar skin conditions, which is kind of freaky. I have tried so many products and I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on anit-fungal and antibacterial, shampoos, lotions, creams, wipes, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it and none of it has worked for her. I had some sort of epiphany when I was wiping her back side with an all natural, organic wipe that was meant for a human baby. I decided that I should try making my own remedies for her skin issues. I had some background knowledge on essential oils and some knowledge on natural health and beauty products, so I did what any crazy person would do, and got on the internet and researched. In a nut shell what I’m doing is making safe, natural, and EFFECTIVE equine care products.

Q: When did you decide to do this?

A: As I said above when I was wiping my horse’s butt with a wipe meant for babies. Just kidding, that’s when I decided to make stuff specifically tailored to my horse. I decided that I was going to launch a shop attached to my blog a little over a month ago. I really enjoy using the products that I make and they are actually working, so I wanted to share it with you guys. I’m also going to be 100% honest here, I was also looking into money making strategies for blogging, and it requires you to either load up posts with affiliate advertising and marketing or  you need to sell something. I personally think that accosting readers with advertisements is one of the worst money making strategies. I didn’t want to do that to my readers, so I’m selling something that I have used, tested, and stand behind with my heart and soul.

Q: What kind of products are you making?

A: Alright let’s start with the equine product line. We have a Hoof Healer, Booty Balm, Braid Aid, Mane Serum, Moody Mare, and Snips & Strips SPF. They essentially do what they are named after but I’ll dish so you have all the deets.

Hoof healer is a hoof conditioner that comes in a super cool roll up container.

Booty Balm helps with chaffing in sensitive areas. I have also used it on areas where she is more fungus-y, like her hind legs. The beeswax in it provides a somewhat protective barrier from nasty barn dirt and fungus stuff. It’s a jack of all trades. If her skin looks weird I put Booty Balm on it.

Braid Aid is one of my favorite products. I love it because it works (in my opinion better than Quick Braid) and it has ingredients that I’m not afraid to leave in her mane or tail after showing. All the ingredients in it are hydrating and actually good for hair growth. And it gives incredible hold for braiding. I know I shouldn’t have favorites but Braid Aid is my favorite product to come out of the apothecary.

Mane Serum is a super hydrating serum for dry manes and tails. Not going to lie I put this in my own hair.

Moody Mare is an essential oil blend that takes the moody out of mares. It uses specific oils that help relax and soothe anxiety that is often seen with hormonal changes. Don’t let the name fool you, you can put it on your anxious geldings as well.

Snips & Strips is an all natural sunscreen that helps prevent burnt muzzles. My mare used to always get a pink and peeling muzzle from being in the sun. The SPF will not be available right away. Since I decided to do this in September I haven’t had a pool day to test it, I’m going to take it on vacation in February and test it on myself before I sell it to you guys.

After making an equine line I was feeling a little jealous of my horse. What about me? So I developed a few things for the equestrian as well. We have Whipped Body Butter in Lavender, Sweet Orange, or Rosemary Mint scent. This one has been in the works for a while and I finally got the formula right last night! I am super picky (more like I have sensory issues) and hate greasy lotions. This one absorbs fast and is super moisturizing. Remember I’m a dry, flaky, itchy girl, like my horse.

We also have a Bath Soak which comes in Lavender Frankincense scent. The Bath Soak is an Epsom salt soak that is infused with essential oils and flower petals. Epsom salt baths are not only relaxing but they help with magnesium absorption, which most of the population is deficient in.

The last thing I’m working on, that fingers crossed will launch with the rest of the line in November, is a Muscle Rub. Think icy-hot. The problem is I either get icy or hot, there hasn’t been a nice in between. So I’m still working on the formula but it will definitely be an option for my product line.

Q: Are essential oils safe for horses?

A: The short answer is yes. But you know I’m going to give you the long answer anyway. I did a lot of research into this because it is so important. After reading about how essential oils can sometimes be dangerous for cats and dogs I wanted to make sure that I got this part right. Horses actually react quite well to essential oils and there are tons of essential oils that are safe for horses. With that being said all essential oils should be diluted with carrier oils especially if you plan on putting them on your skin. Each essential oil has specifics on how they should be diluted because some are more powerful than others. And you can bet I researched and have diluted all the essential oils in each of my products. As always it is possible to have reactions to essential oils and you should discontinue use if it is irritating to you or your horse.

Q: Are your products expensive?

A: Well I guess this depends on what you are willing to pay for horse care products. I think they are reasonably priced. If saw these products on a shelf I would most likely buy them because there is not much out there like it, especially for horses. And the branding is hella cute. Nothing is over $20 if that gives you an indication of the price points on products. I’m all about affordable and frugal living so you know your girl is looking out for you.

Q: Will you have discounts and sales?

A: Most likely yes. I love coupon codes. So you know you’re girl is going to give you a bunch. In fact, there is already one available, so go get it here.

Q: Who is running this apothecary thing?

A: Me, me, me. But that’s not to say I haven’t had help and support. It’s my concept, idea, and design. I develop the formulas. I make every single product. I design every single label. I created each product description. I made and designed the shop website. I calculated shipping costs. It’s been a whole lot of me running the show. Scarlet has been my inspiration for creating the brand. If you know her you will look at the branding and the products and say yep each one has a touch of Scarlet in it. She has been a doll while I’ve been field testing each product. Ryan is making it run like an actual business. He’s money smart and knows how to run this shit like a boss. He’s made it a legit business. Also we discovered he’s a photographer. He didn’t know it and I didn’t know it but he’s now a photographer. The shop pictures and the pictures in this post, yep all him. Friends and family have been so enthusiastic. Oh and I found a great small investment group called Mom & Dad (I spelled things wrong, sent them to print, and they rescued me).

Q: Will you stop blogging to run the shop?

A: Absolutely not! I love this blog, it’s become my baby. I’m passionate about writing for you and giving you guys all the fun info and life lessons I stubble across.

Thanks for supporting me by being one of my loyal readers! Comment below if you have more questions. Or shoot me an email  at hannah@theunadornedequestrian.com.


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