• Living Better

    Finding Balance In Life By Using A Planner

    If you’re close to me you know I’m a planner. I try to plan everything out because there is absolutely nothing worse than being caught off guard with the unexpected. I actually think if you did some neuroimaging on my brain it would just come back as a blob covered in neon post-it notes. I’m constantly struggling to balance school, work, interning, horse momming, and oh I don’t know, the 30 other things I’m responsible for keeping track of. You all feel me here. We are scheduled to the max and keeping track of it all can be exhausting. Have no fear though, because your girl has your back on…

  • DIY

    DIY All Natural Makeup Remover

    I’ll be honest. I used to always sleep with my makeup on, like until this year. I made a New Year’s resolution to put better products on my face and my skin, and now most of what I use is free of toxic chemicals and dangerous ingredients. Now with that being said I am by no means living a lifestyle that is 100% organic, crunchy, natural, or green. But I do my best and purchase organic when it matters to me. As I’ve said before, this whole blog is dedicated to sharing with you how to make life easier with little time and little money. Committing to a green lifestyle…

  • Equestrian

    The One Mistake You Are Making Every Time You Get On A Horse

    This has been on my mind for a while and I need to shout it from the rooftops. If you are not wearing Alympic breeches or jods when you get on a horse, you are wrong. I promise you this is not a sponsored post, I am in no way being paid or compensated to write these things, I just have a huge obsession with these pants. Let me break it down for you. I grew up riding saddle seat, so think Kentucky Jods, specifically, black, poly blend, high-waisted, side zip jods. Have any of you ever worn polyester in the middle of summer with 65% humidity? It’s awful. Have…

  • Budgeting

    3 Ways To Save Money

    This one’s got something for you non-horsey people. I never realized what it was like to pay for groceries until I was buying groceries for me and my boyfriend. Somehow in college it was not difficult to buy groceries for $25-30 per week. But when I moved out, groceries were costing more than my Xfinity bill, which is saying a lot because they love to rip you off. I’m going to give you a few tips to saving those dolla dolla bills so you can spend them on the good stuff, like horses or traveling. I think traveling is what normal people spend their money on. Right? Disclosure: Some of…

  • Budgeting,  DIY

    DIY Cash Envelopes

    I’ve been wanting to share this one for a while because I’ve had so many people comment on my envelopes while I’m checking out at stores. The hella cute cash envelope tutorial is here! I decided to make these when I first started budgeting. While you can use regular envelopes for a cash system, making these cute little guys made saving money and sticking with a budget more fun. They slide right into most wallets and will surely keep you organized and on track with your spending. What you will need: pen or pencil scissors double sided tape or double sided adhesive runner scrap book paper envelope template labels (optional)

  • equestrian

    Please Define Unadorned Equestrian

    I am an unadorned equestrian. Both in a literal and metaphorical sense. I have an 18 year old American Saddlebred mare. She’s perfect. And by perfect I mean, moody as heck, impatient, unmotivated, and easily distracted. I have spent the last 11 years attempting to show her but let’s just say when you have the type of “perfect mare” that I have, consistency is just not your friend. We’ve won blues together twice in the last 11 years. So we are relatively unadorned. Now, you are probably wondering how does this translate to me? I don’t even know what an American Saddlebred is. Here’s how. The theme of being unadorned…