Surviving Winter

I feel like it has been winter for over a month now. Is it even technically winter? I’m not sure, but we are officially entering the season where it hurts to ride your horse. Like your fingers are so cold that they hurt. Or your toes are so cold you don’t even know or care if they are in the stirrups. One might call this the beginning of frost bite but for equestrians it’s just “winter riding”. I’ve got a couple must haves that help me survive tolerate the winter.


Back on Track

A barn friend got me turned onto back on track products so when winter rolls around the first thing I do is pull out my Back on Track saddle pads. I do use these year round but I find them especially helpful in the winter to help loosen and make her back more supple. The girl loves to throw her back end up in the air and Back on Track has helped her keep her back muscles and joints warm so that she’s able to keep her back end right where it’s supposed to be. I also just got a mesh sheet from Back on Track as an early Christmas gift (thanks Ry!) and I’m hoping that it will help with better circulation all around. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t speak as to how it works but I imagine it will be like any other Back on Track product I’ve tried. Meaning it will be the bomb.com.

Photo from backontrack.com


Tough One

My girl has two Tough One blankets for winter weather. She has had the one for years! If you read my horse laundry post, you know she is extremely hard on her clothes, the fact that she has had this one for so long is AMAZING. My mom bought her first Tough One blanket so many years ago I’m not even sure where we got it or how many grams of fill it has but she usually wears it when our temps are between 30-0° F. The second Tough One that I bought for her I got off Amazon and it is 1200 denier and 300 grams. This one is perfect for anything that is below 0° F. And the best part is that comparatively these blankets are cheap. The one I got off Amazon was around $85 which in my opinion is a bargain for horse clothes. If you’re looking for a good priced and durable winter blanket, look into Tough One, they have served my horse and I well over the years.

Photo from amazon.com


Booty Balm

I don’t know who needs Booty Balm more during the winter, Scarlet or me. Scarlet has EXCESSIVELY dry and flaky skin during the winter. I rub a little Booty Balm on the dry patches and it helps soothe and heal her itchy spots. I rub this stuff into my cuticles and tops of hands and I’m about to share way to much information with you, but I currently have an armpit rash and you can bet I’m rubbing Booty Balm on it. It has helped immensely with reliving the itching. Sorry you had to read that.

Hot Hands

Hand and Toe warmers are a must. We’ve got a full stock of these at our house. My boyfriend uses them for golfing into the fall and I cover myself in them during the winter. I think the key to these is putting them on while you are nice a toasty in your house. In my experience it’s a lost cause if are already cold when you use them. Regardless, get some.

Photo from amazon.com


Pom Pom Hat

I without a doubt need this hat before going to the barn in the winter. In fact I wear it everywhere. Which is kind of gross because it smells very much of horse but I will wear it to that fancy restaurant because that’s the type of person I am. I got this one from Amazon. It’s probably becoming clear I have an Amazon addiction. I love it because it’s not a floppy beanie but it’s also not a tight knit cap. It’s right in between. It’s super warm and the furry bobble ball makes it a little bit extra. Which again speaks to the type of person I am.

Alaska Knit Socks

I have a true obsession with socks. I love them. In the winter my favorite are Alaska Knit. I’ve gotten all mine from Target. They are around $8 for a pair but worth it. I really like the Marl Crew Sock. I have trouble with wool, I find it itchy but it is so warm. The Marl Crew Sock is mostly polyester and acrylic with a little bit of wool so they are not the warmest but definitely cozy. When it is super cold I will layer the  Marl Crew Sock with the Hiker Crew Sock and keeps my feet nice and toasty.


Layer up. That is my best advice. I wear my Alympic jods year round and just throw a layer of leggings underneath to add extra warmth. It keeps me plenty warm. I usually just throw on some sort of technical workout legging. I love the Mid-Rise Compression Legging from Old Navy and I also like the Essential High-Waited Ruched Legging from CALIA (pictured above).

My last bit of advice is smile and grin. It’s cold and winter sucks but horses and barn family make it worth it!





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