woah, she’s back.

December 8th. The last time I did a blog post. I have to say I’m mostly sorry not sorry though. Like honestly, but let me explain.

I love the blogging and I love using it as one of my creative spaces. I spend most of my time driving in the car talking to myself about…well, everything, so naturally writing things here makes me feel less like the crazy horse/cat lady that I am.

Have you ever just been all done? Like just finished. This is done. Well that’s where I was the last few months. I was feeling fed up and I was tired. I was stressing about getting posts cranked out, posting regularly on my 3 Instagram accounts, building a Facebook following, getting pins scheduled to post at prime times of day, and I was trying to figure out wtf Twitter even is? I’m tech savvy but Twitter is a wild animal. This combined with LIFE, like actual life, because I realize that this (blog) is not life, was freaking impossible.

So naturally my solution was to avoid avoid avoid. And that’s what I did. I stopped writing, I didn’t post (as much), gave up on Twitter, and ran away to the mountains for the last week of December and beginning of January. Kay. Problem solved.

But actually my problem was solved.

I got engaged. Super cool right. I started at my internship full time. I started my last 2 classes of my grad program, I worked on new products for my shop and I’m fine. Everything turned out fine.

Now as a future mental health professional I’m super aware that avoidance as a coping strategy is a huge no. But I’m also here writing, happy and healthy, because I stopped doing what was making my anxious. When you love something you will always find your way back to it, and here I am, back!

Anyway here’s a quick list of what I’ve been doing the past 4 months.

  • December 25th-Ran away to the mountains
  • December 27th- Got engaged
  • December 31st- Attended a potato drop
  • January 3rd- Promptly began looking at wedding venues
  • January 3rd- Also booked a wedding venue
  • January 3rd-31st Became obsessed with booking vendors for wedding
  • January 28th- Bought a wedding dress for $99 alone at TJ Maxx
  • February 1st- Got a haircut and color
  • February 2nd- Ran away to Palm Springs, CA
  • February 8th- Cried when I had to come back to Chicago
  • February 9th-28th Continued to obsess over booking vendors for the wedding
  • February 16th- Ordered a bouquet that cost more than my wedding dress…
  • March 3rd- Took save the date pictures with my horse
  • March 4th- I turned 29
  • March 5th-28th- Continued to annoy my fiance with constant questions, concerns, and ideas for wedding
  • March 28th- Ordered a new planner and decided I missed planning what to blog about
  • March 28th- Wrote this blog post

Promise I’ll be back soon!

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  • Pamela Love

    Welcome back! Totally missed your blog. Life is truly an adventure, maybe sometimes overwhelming but always filled with surprises!

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