Please Define Unadorned Equestrian

I am an unadorned equestrian. Both in a literal and metaphorical sense. I have an 18 year old American Saddlebred mare. She’s perfect. And by perfect I mean, moody as heck, impatient, unmotivated, and easily distracted. I have spent the last 11 years attempting to show her but let’s just say when you have the type of “perfect mare” that I have, consistency is just not your friend. We’ve won blues together twice in the last 11 years. So we are relatively unadorned. Now, you are probably wondering how does this translate to me? I don’t even know what an American Saddlebred is. Here’s how. The theme of being unadorned has somehow bled from my equestrian life into my personal life. Well, everything about my equestrian life bleeds into my personal life, but what I mean is being unadorned is like being simple, naked, bare, no frills. I have an ability to create complex scenarios in my head that can drive me to the point of insanity (where my over thinkers at?). The result of living a busy lifestyle has forced me to simplify things. I can’t make things more complicated because I literally do not have the time, hence the metaphorical sense of living unadorned. I have been wanting to share my tips, tricks, and ways to simply get by in life. We all know balancing the day to day tasks with our busy schedules is near impossible. While working full time, going to graduate school full time, and being a full time mom to a moody mare, I have busy life down to a science. Here on this blog I’m going to share exactly how you can improve your life by finding balance in all things unadorned.

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